It’s a matter of pleasure and pride for all of us associated¬† with MMIST that we are celebrating the 8th Annual Day of the college. This is an occasion for us to review Our performance and to take pride and satisfaction in the achievements of the effort that we all put together during the past one year.

It has been a wonderful year for us. We admitted the full quota of students in all faculties availableand we secured excellent results as in the past. 10% students graduated with commendable scores. Congratulations to Our MMIST student graduates and also to our team of Directors, Principal, Co-ordinators, Faculty Members, Admin Staffs and our wonderful parents! without you, it was not possible for sure. Thenk you for your support, cooperation X understanding at times of need Technical Education is one of the most productive sector of our education system in Nepal. Being skill based education graduates, our graduates can easily more into the Job market or create their own ways of independent means ofincome generation. Thus, greatly contributing to the growth of National Economy. We always appreciate and encourage students to enroll into technical education wherever possible. At MMIST, we are always eager to do something extra for our students In order to enrich, strengthen and build the capacity of each and every student who has joined us in the pursuit of technical education. We will leave no stone unturned in the process of the people behind the best,which is possible. On the occasion of the Eighth Annual Day, I would like to ask everyone to join us and celebrate. The underlying array kind of constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome. We cannot remain without thanking our mother organization.

Sahid Smarak Janaswasthya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. and Sahid Memorial Hospital for allowing us to manage and operate the educational wing under its
umbrella. We are sure we have delivered best and always kept up with the expectations of the organization. Together we hope to achieve more in the days to come. Congratulations to the Editonial Team for coming up with another edition of MMIST Review on this special occasion and thanks to everyone who contributed to this endeavor!